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  1. 2011.12.18 :: No Lab. meeting on 19th Dec
  2. 2011.11.27 :: No lab seminar on 28th NOV.
  3. 2011.11.14 :: Cleaning day on Tuesday, 15th NOV
  4. 2011.11.14 :: Lab. meeting on 14th Nov.
  5. 2011.11.04 :: Welcome to ECOCAT blog~!
Board/Notice 2011.12.18 15:47
no meeting this week

iPhone 에서 작성된 글입니다.
posted by ECOCAT
Board/Notice 2011.11.27 22:21

Due to MRS conference.

GO for it!
posted by ECOCAT
Board/Notice 2011.11.14 21:58

Start at 4 pm.

After that we may go to the dinner together.(Uncertain)
posted by ECOCAT
Board/Notice 2011.11.14 17:07

Time: 19:30~
Venue: Env. Bldg. 201
Speaker at the seminar: Yeon Ho Kim & Jae young Kim
posted by ECOCAT
Board/Notice 2011.11.04 02:40


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